Saturday, July 5, 2008

You Create Your Environment

Today morning you may hear a knocking at your door. Don’t close your eyes and ears towards it. Because, it could be an opportunity. Opportunities come and knock at your door at least once in your lifetime. For that matter she knocks at everyone’s door, at least once. But only very few understand that this is an opportunity; Out of them very few realize that this is an opportunity for me; Out of these people only very few have got a dream in their life; Out of the people who have got some dreams only very few take action; out of them only very few people have got belief in their dreams and confidence in themselves that they can do it; Out of them very few are focused and consistently persistent. They are the people who make history in the world.

Generally most of the people live with the belief that they never come across any opportunity in life! Though they find some opportunity they think either time is not right or they are not fit to grab the opportunity. They live blaming each and everyone in this world. They believe that luck doesn’t happen to all. They blame their destiny for everything. They sometimes blame the society, their parents for not putting them in the best schools, their superior officers for not providing them the right chances, their family for not providing the right atmosphere at home etc. I have seen people living such a distressful life cursing everyone around them including the Prime Minister and the President of the country. They believe or try to make themselves believe that their entire problems in life are caused by other people and situations.

Why do people think like this? Is it because of the education they received from the school and college? Is it because of the influence of the family in which they have been brought up?

It is being said that you are the product of your habits and your belief systems. Your Habits and your belief systems are the product of your environment. So your environment decides what you are. Now the question is that who decides the environment? Most of the people believe that they have no influence on the environment; as it is being created by others; starting from the servant in your house or the attendant in your office to the President of the country. You have nothing much to do about it! Most of us think that we are HELPLESS as this entire environment is being created by all others in this world except us. That is why we always say that there is no point in talking about or thinking about it because we have no influence on this environment but we always blame the environment as we believe that it has a high influence on us.

However the reality is totally different. Just think about this; we all wake up every morning to the same world. For some of us that day will be a very exciting wonderful day and for some others that is the worst day. How come the same day appeared wonderful for some people and horrible for some others? The day is the same! But the people who looked at the day are different. Hence it is not the day which is creating the environment, it is you who is creating the environment. In fact only you have an influence on the environment. The environment will have influence on you only if you permit that.

I don’t know how many of you heard this phrase, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.” But it is a common statement made by all of us at various occasions that “he has belittled me,” “he is frustrating me,” “he is making my life miserable,” etc. In fact these are all wrong statements. No body can make you feel inferior without your permission, nobody can frustrate you without your permission, nobody can make your life miserable without your permission. It is you who is in charge.

In fact you have the best environment right now, if you have decided to succeed in life. India is growing at a breathtaking pace. Every sector in our economy is booming. All economists in the entire world are of the opinion that India is unstoppable at least till 2020. By 2020, as our previous Honorable President Dr Abdul Kalam visualized, India will emerge as the most powerful economy in the world. This cannot be stopped at any cost. So in other words we are going to have the best environment during this time; provided you are ambitious, progressive and have got bigger plans in life. If you don’t qualify for any of these factors these years are going to be the most horrible time for you. Hence it is not the environment, but what you want to make from your life, what you want to do with your life is the most important thing.

Take charge of your life today…..and have a very productive week ahead